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Are you from the Netherlands? So you probably know the national championship Tegelwippen. Don’t you? So now it is time to discover this fantastic project. It can be defined as a green competition with winners and awards, but the real winner is the Dutch climate, territory and people's lives. Let me explain better with the help of their official website.

municipalities involved in 2022
tiles flipped until now

The weather in the Netherlands is becoming increasingly extreme. Heavy rain showers and long periods of heat and drought succeed each other. In addition, we are increasingly faced with problems such as heat stress and flooding because our living environment is highly urbanised. All those stones do not cool down on a hot day and don't let water through when it rains. That rainwater can then overload the sewers or run into your basement. More greenery counteracts this. In addition, research has shown that a greener living environment positively affects human mental health. So replace your (garden) tiles with vegetation!

This competition within municipalities occurs from 21 March to 31 October 2023. There is still time to candidate your city in this green game! Are you living outside the Netherlands? So this is an excellent inspiration to create something similar in your country. To contribute everywhere to a common cause: make the green greener again!

Do you have questions or remarks?

I'm Stardiva™! I might be just a voice calling in the desert. So if you have specific questions? If you have remarks on our movement? If you want to join me on my quest? Or if you're going to collaborate? Please get in touch with one of my marketeers below.

Erwin Giezen - MNP - Suntory - Marketing

Erwin Giezen

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Head Marketing, Communications & Trade
T: +31 (0) 172 50 67 00
M: +31 (0) 619 94 54 82
Francesca Lanzillotta - MNP - Suntory - Marketing

Francesca Lanzillotta

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Marketing Communications Manager
T: +31 (0) 172 50 67 00
M: +31 (0) 653 92 54 65

Plant a tree in our forest

Our goal is to plant 500 trees every year. Do you think the work we are doing and you want to contribute to the Star(t) gardening movement? You can also plant your tree in our forest in Indonesia! You can already contribute from €5,- (incl. VAT) for just one tree up to an amount of your own choice. Don’t hesitate and donate with us now. Click on the link below to start planting…

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